Monday, March 8, 2010

How does time go so seriously~ HOW?

Holy smokers- I didn't realize how long it's been since I've made a post. So much for my goal of keeping everyone updated. Well better late then never.

Our lives are crazy lately, we're always so bloody busy. With me returning to work part-time and Brad working two jobs. Life can seem to run you over sometimes. Brad started a new job last month, it's been fun and challenging that's for sure. I'm working only a little bit- 3 days a week. Which is enough for now~ it gives me my much needed time away from home and Brad his time with Brooklyn. She sure is a Daddy's Girl.

Brooklyn has become so grown up so fast. I think she is brilliant. She can say so much now~ let's see~ Mommy, Daddy, Kyle, Up, Down, good girl (not perfect with this one yet), Hi, Nana, Papa, Nice, and she know's how to say Yes and No. She is part monkey I'm She climbs everything- I think she will soon need to be out of the crib, due to her being able to climb so much.

Brad re-decorated her room at the beginning of January, she now has a princess room, it was a suprize to me and part of her birthday present. We really are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Well that's my up-date for I must get back to the little one- she is currently trying to climb the tv stand.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Blessings

This Christmas was so very special for us. It was the end of an amazing year. We had so many Christmas blessings, the most special to us was how many people love our family. We are so blessed to have such amazing people to influence us, to help lead us down a wonderful path in life.
We had Santa come and visit us a little early, with such wonderful heartfelt gifts. Whomever that Santa was we hope they know how loved and appreciated they are.
It's amazing how fast time goes by. In a blink of an eye it will be Christmas 2010, and we'll be celebrating the beginning of another year.
Thank you to all who want to be a part of our family's life, and for loving us no matter what. We love you all.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cub Scouts

We enrolled Kyle into Cub Scouts this year, starting in September. He has done some really neat stuff, in September he went on a family camp out, his dad joined him in that. Brooklyn and I came out during the day to visit. In this picture he is holding his walking stick that he made, it has feather's attached to it as well. The fancy flashlight is one of the things he purchased from the scouts store in Lethbridge. His Uncle Dave gave him money for his birthday to spend there. Scouts has been so great for Kyle, he has been promoted to the sixer of his group. So they split the kids up into groups, each group has an adult leader and there is one child who is leader of the group as well. He has shown that he has good leader qualities in him. It's been so good for Kyle and his Dad, Brad has become a leader in scouts, it's such a fun thing for him and Kyle to do together. Next year Kyle is wanting to be enrolled into Army Cadet's, we are encouraging him to do what he likes, as long as he follows through with the entire year. We both are so very proud of him.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time Flies

Wow, one more month and Brooklyn will be one year old. She's changed so much, she has become a little comedian, taking any chance she can to be funny. She loves to be naked, if she gets a little cranky, we just strip her down and then she's all better. It's so funny, she's getting much better at not peeing all over the place We've been through different periods with her, from 2-6 months old she slept so good, 11-13 hours a night, napped well ~ then at 6 months that wasn't the case no more, we were back to late night feedings, not wanting to sleep at all. Oh it was so stressful. Then for a few months she couldn't be out of sight of me, she had to be attached to me at all times or the world would come to an end for her. But now she's totally different, sleeping all night again, playing on her own in her room and almost walking. She has taken 4 steps all on her own, and she can walk beside you only holding onto one hand. Pretty soon she'll be running.

It's so bittersweet to watch her grow up so fast. I am enjoying every moment of it, and I wouldn't change any of it.


Well Molly had her puppies, 5 all together, and all of them are boys. We gave them all little names, there's Dill, Raphio, Nacho, Shamu, and Gizmo. They are getting so big, 3 more weeks and they will be ready to find new homes. It's so cute to watch Brooklyn "play" with them, well it's more of a yank and a pull, with lots of squeels and slaps. But she loves it, and they don't seem to mind too much. It's so neat so see their little personalities come out, to watch them figure out their place in the pack. It will be hard to let them go, but obviously we can't have 7 dogs here. That would be a bit much.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Wonderful Life

My life today is so very different than I would have expected. I remember a few years ago, maybe about 3 years ago, I thought for sure I would never get married and for sure never have more children. Wow, I sure was wrong. I was happy to be on my own, working and coming home to watch movies by myself, spend time with family, I was sure that was enough for me. Now I look back and see how wrong those thoughts were. I have never been more happy. I now have a wonderful husband who has helped me grow so much, he has encouraged me in so many ways. Even through post-partum depression he has stuck by me, he has been so supportive and helped me to realize that it's okay. I have learned to speak my mind and to communicate so much better because he has been there to guide me through so many of my issues. Brad has broke down so many of the walls that I put up to protect myself, he has helped me to become more patient and understanding. He is an amazing father to our children and an amazing husband. I am so blessed to have him in my life. I couldn't even think of a better person for me than him.

We now have an amazingly perfect baby girl, Brooklyn Jean Jensen, she is now 9 months old. It's been a crazy 9 months, we've watched her change and grow so much, from sleeping all day to hardly sleeping at all, from never making a sound for the first 3 weeks to never being quiet again. She now eats so many different things, our next new challenge with her will be slowly getting her off of the boob. I love the time I have with her while's nursing, but I am ready to be done sometime soon. We have had our share of issues, especially with sleep, but with a supportive husband by my side we put our foot down and decided that she needed to sleep in her own room. A few days of crying and now she sleeps so much better, almost all night again. She is crawling like crazy, I've never seen a baby crawl as fast as her, now we're onto the challenge of learning to walk. She stood by herself yesterday for 15-20 seconds, and was so proud of herself. She says mama and dada now, it's so precious.

I am so excited to see what is in store for us in the next few months. I have a wonderful life and couldn't ask for much more.

Allready 9 months old

Well my little one is allready 9 months old today, it's crazy. She is so much fun, always learning new things. Last night she was standing on her own for 15-20 seconds, she was so proud of herself. She loves her Daddy, she is definately a daddy's girl. Brooklyn will follow him around the house trying to get him to pick her up all the time. It's just so bloody cute.

It's amazing how fast time goes by. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful healthy little girl. I am really looking forward to watching her grow into a beautiful young lady.


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